Faculty Embark on New Research Paths with Innovative Fellowship

Posted On June 12, 2017
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Three faculty members have been honored with Provost’s Study in a Second Discipline Fellowships for academic year 2017-18.

Andrew Cohen
Department of Philosophy

Dr. Cohen will study in the College of Law to apply his work on toleration as a political philosopher to topics of business ethics and criminal justice ethics. Cohen seeks renew concern with both the moral and the legal aspects of toleration. During his semester of study, he will attend several graduate courses in the College of Law, dedicate time in a public defender’s office, and become a regular participant in workshops in the College of Law. Following this semester of study, he will develop two books on toleration in criminal justice ethics and other applied fields.


Carrie Manning
Department of Political Science

Dr. Manning will study in the Department of Economics and the Center for State and Local Finance and Fiscal Research Center to develop a new research stream on taxation and democratic accountability. She will audit graduate economics courses, study online lectures in public economics, and carry out independent study with several leading GSU colleagues in economics. She will build a broad understanding of the varieties of intergovernmental fiscal relations and governance patterns across the United States, develop expertise in the language, methods, and data sources of public economics and fiscal policy, and build interdisciplinary research networks to pursue external funding for her research and develop a book on this topic.


Emanuela Guano
Department of Anthropology

Dr. Guano will study environmental and urban geography in the Department of Geosciences. She will attend seminars and independent reading courses to deepen her understanding of political ecology and current geographic debates on placemaking, city politics, and urban ecology. This study will support her preparation of two grant proposals and an ethnographic monograph on how neighborhood activists in a flood-prone Italian periphery promote a bottom-up notion of heritage that encompasses both the built and the natural environment to resist the environmentally hazardous development of their neighborhood.


The Provost’s Study in a Second Discipline Fellowships promote interdisciplinary research at Georgia State University by providing faculty a semester-long teaching release to engage in intensive and structured study of a discipline other than their own. This can involve, for example, learning new methodologies, studying new theoretical frameworks, or becoming familiar with a new body of literature. Learn more about the Provost’s Study in a Second Discipline Fellowships.

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