RFP: Provost’s Visiting Scholars Program

Posted On July 11, 2017
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Department chairs are invited to develop and submit proposals for the Provost’s Visiting Scholars Program.


This program brings to Georgia State University promising and leading faculty from underrepresented minority groups for short-term (1-2 week) visits. This program serves a two-fold purpose: these visitors will enrich the intellectual life of the campus at the department level and above, and they will be positioned to communicate Georgia State University’s strengths to potential future faculty members, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. In this way, the program will enhance ongoing faculty recruitment efforts.

To accomplish both goals, visiting scholars will participate in the intellectual life of Georgia State University through a host department; ideally some planned activities during their visit will also deliberately engage faculty and students from beyond the host department. Examples of on-site activities include giving guest lectures and seminars in academic courses, conducting workshops, delivering public lectures, and interacting with students and faculty in formal and informal settings at the department, college, and/or university levels, including through interdisciplinary centers. Host departments should envision ways of sustaining such interactions following the short-term visit.

Each scholar is hosted by an academic department or equivalent unit. The host unit will handle all arrangements for a successful visit. The Office of the Provost will cover expenses (honorarium, airfare, lodging and per diem, etc.) up to a maximum of $8,000 per visiting scholar.  

Proposal Format

Proposals must be submitted by a department chair. A complete proposal will include:

  1. A 2-page single-spaced narrative addressing the criteria and incorporating a schedule of activities proposed during and after the visit (please use a table format for the schedule).
  2. A budget that specifies:
    • the total amount requested
    • any matching funds that will be provided by the host unit, college, or a collaborating unit, and
    • how funds from both sources will be used for various types of expenses.
  3. Visiting scholar’s current curriculum vitae
  4. Endorsement by the college dean (e.g., email)

Selection Process and Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty/staff committee appointed by the Provost, using these criteria. The Provost will review the committee’s recommendations and make the final selection.

  • Potential of this scholar’s presence and subsequent interaction to positively address the under-representation of one or more minority groups in the faculty of the department and/or Georgia State University as a whole. Relevant data pertaining to gender, race, ethnicity, disability, and veteran status can be accessed through the GSU Fact-Book, IPORT, and ODDEP’s Affirmative Action Plan webpage.
  • Quality of plans for the scholar’s interaction with the Georgia State University community (faculty, students, staff) in and beyond the host department during the visit
  • Quality of plans for sustained interaction between the host department and the scholar after the short-term visit (related materials are available at http://faculty.gsu.edu/for-search-committees/ – see “Recruitment as an Ongoing Process”)
  • Congruence of the scholar’s research, scholarly, and creative activities with Georgia State’s strategic plan as updated in 2016.

If you would like to discuss your concept with the Office of Faculty Affairs in advance of submission, please contact Laura Lohman, Assistant Director of Faculty Development, at llohman@gsu.edu.


Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning September 5, 2017. Proposals should be emailed as attachments to the Office of Faculty Affairs at AssocProvFA@gsu.edu.

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