Why Georgia State?


During the past decade, Georgia State University has broken the mold by proving that one institution can deliver cutting-edge research and exceptional attention to the success of its students. Georgia State is proud to carry both the Carnegie Classification’s R1 “highest research activity” designation and rank as one of the nation’s leading institutions for quality undergraduate teaching and commitment to student success. Its diverse, talented, and committed faculty have been essential to Georgia State’s nationally recognized accomplishments.

Thriving Research Culture

As a faculty member at Georgia State you’ll be part of a thriving research institution that offers numerous institutes, multidisciplinary centers, and cluster hires in key areas of funded research to provide a challenging and collaborative intellectual environment for its faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. With an urban laboratory at your disposal, you’ll be able to leverage corporate, government, non-profit, and community partnerships unavailable at most other research universities to fuel your research and creative work. Research experiences are an essential part of educating Georgia State’s students, and on a campus without boundaries, it’s easy to immerse undergraduate and graduate students in applied, community-based, and historical research across many disciplines.

A Leader in Student Success

As a teacher, advisor, and mentor, you’ll be contributing to Georgia State’s nationally recognized commitment to student success. By combining personal attention with Georgia State’s use of innovative approaches to student learning, you’ll play a key role in our focus on individual students’ progress towards graduation. At Georgia State, growing opportunities for community engagement, signature learning experiences, freshman learning communities, student research, and expanded on-campus student housing combine with cutting-edge advising to make us a national leader in graduating students from diverse socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds. You’ll be helping to build the next generation of researchers and societal leaders who will play a pivotal role in shaping our increasingly interconnected and globally oriented world.

Learn More

The Office of Faculty Affairs is committed to assisting you in your transition, growth, and success at Georgia State. Please explore all the resources available here to learn more about Georgia State, the Atlanta area, and the support available to ensure your own success as a faculty member at GSU.